Autumn wardrobe pieces to suit pale skin

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Writing this in a heatwave, it’s difficult to imagine that autumn is just around the corner here in the UK, but it is and your wardrobe needs to be prepared!

Just like in the summer, you will hear people complain that they look “washed out” in the winter, but if anything this is more to do with their personal styling, and clothing is just one of the aspects which can either make or break your look.

For me one of the biggest things is pairing the correct undertone of clothing colours to your skin tone. For example a neon green bikini may look incredible on a tanned or darker skin tone, but would look horrific on a pale skin. Tone that green down however (particularly a forest green against pale skin and auburn hair) and well, it would look incredible.

Just like in make up, every single skin tone can be flattered by just picking the right undertone of clothing. If you have pale skin, here’s some new season wardrobe ideas to give you inspiration for autumn.

Embroidered animal jumper: Warehouse, £32

Warehouse jumper

I think grey is actually pretty universal across all skin tones, but it can be a great alternative to nudes and beiges on pale skin, which can be very difficult to pull off on fairer skin tones.

Grey suits all hair colours very well too, and a pink lip would work perfectly.

Pair with jeans, boots and a cute over the shoulder back and you are good to go!

Buy it here.

Dusky Pink Dana Coat: Reiss, £295

Reiss coat

A good coat is an essential piece of your autumn wardrobe, going into winter taking you right through to early spring.

Look at any commuter hub on a November morning and it’s a sea of dull, black winter coats. Why not switch things up with this beautiful dusky pink coat from Reiss?

I get it, it’s not as cheap as buying one from New Look, but you can see in the quality of the fabric and stitching that this is built to last. With the usual Beast from the East onslaught, you need something which is going to stand up against the weather, but is stylish too.

Bonus points for being an exquisite colour which would suit pale skin and blonde hair especially well.

Buy it here.

Fresh blue stretch pants: Banana Republic, £69.50

Banana Republic pants

Cornflour blue works effortlessly well on a pale skin, pairing easily with white, grey and even black.

These stretch pants from Banana Republic would make for stylish weekend wear, and even workwear if your office isn’t ultra formal.

Pair with sliders for warmer days or trainers for cooler days. Either way they are comfortable, stylish and will really flatter your pale skin.

Buy it here.

Dobby Spot Ruffle Dress: Topshop, £49

Topshop dress

To really show your pale skin off on an evening, why not try this dress from Topshop? Do as the model has done by pairing it with a red lip, bold handbag colour and strappy heels for an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Buy it here.

Sequinned Tulle Sweater: Zara, £29.99

Zara sweater

Inject some fun into your autumn wardrobe with this gorgeous sheer sweater from Zara.

I think many are afraid to wear white against pale skin, when it actual fact with the right hair and make up it can look pretty stunning.

Buy it here.

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