Why you shouldn’t buy Kylie Skin

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Kylie Skin makeup removing wipes

Billionaire beauty mogul Kylie Jenner has announced she is to launch her first skincare line, Kylie Skin, which will be released in the US on May 22, 2019.

You may have seen in the press the Kylie’s line has been full of controversy and with good reason. Given her incredible influence over the young and impressionable, it’s important to address the quite valid concerns that have emerged since Kylie released details of her line on her social media.

Sure, Keeping Up With The Kardashians is entertaining. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t be 16 seasons in. But does that mean every single thing the Kardashian/Jenners creates comes from an informed opinion? When it comes to skin, I’m afraid not.

Whilst it’s important you make your own mind up about Kylie Skin, here’s all the reasons why you should consider avoiding the line altogether:

1. You want to look like Kylie?…Kylie doesn’t even look like Kylie

It’s plainly obvious Kylie has drastically changed her appearance since first hitting the limelight. There’s no crime against having plastic surgery/extreme fillers. It’s Kylie’s body, Kylie’s money – after all, who are any of us to comment on the pressures of fame? However, it’s a very different story when that same person is coming out trying to give beauty advice as if you can look like her without any work. It’s just not possible.

The fact is that our skin is what’s left when all the makeup is stripped back. How can Kylie truly know what it is to improve your natural appearance, when hers hasn’t existed the whole time she has been an adult?

Kylie is not an advocate for skin or natural beauty. If the line was for post surgery skin or fillers, it would be something she could talk about with expertise. But as it stands she is yet to even comment on her vastly altered appearance, treating her young impressionable audience like idiots. Why are we supporting this?

Thinking of buying Kylie Skin because you want to look like her? It’s impossible for you to look like Kylie because Kylie only looks how she does because of her incredible wealth, whereby the best of everything she could ever want is at her fingertips. Not because of a bloody walnut scrub.

2. A Walnut scrub and a foaming cleanser

Kylie Jenner Walnut Scrub

I can’t believe this even requires a paragraph to explain. Breaking it down in a simple fashion: A foaming cleanser will dry and strip your skin. A walnut scrub is abrasive (especially applied 3 times a week as Kylie suggests.)

Acne and problem skin simply cannot be scrubbed away. Over scrub your skin and it will become cracked, dry and inflamed… believe me I’ve been there Neutrogena foaming grainy scrub circa 2006 – I aint ever going back.

You simply CANNOT scrub away acne. If you are a teenager with acne, please check out Caroline Hirons FREE acne cheat sheet and let it change your life like it has mine and millions of others. Believe me, she won’t be telling you to use a scrub!

3. Plastic, plastic and more plastic

Kylie Skin full range

As a billionaire CEO of her own beauty company, if anyone can come up with a creative solution to the plastic epidemic it’s Kylie Jenner. Yet, all her products have been packaged in plastic. This even includes wet wipes, which by the way are responsible for 90% of drain blockages as well as being no good for your skin.

Imagine if Kylie had said no to plastic? Other beauty companies would have had no other choice but to sit up and listen because of her huge influence. Yet, she is pretty much condoning the use of it by using it within every single product use. That’s millions of units of plastic that will no doubt end up in the ocean, unless you can see Kylie’s teenage fans taking the time to recycle every piece of it?

4. Kylie Jenner is not a dermatologist

Sure, not everyone who releases a skincare line is. But, there’s a big difference between studying the skin and being genuinely passionate about skincare in general, versus simply looking to make a profit off insecure teens.

Establishing an effective skincare regime is important, especially when your skin is problematic. Using completely the wrong products will screw up your skin, and set you up for a lifetime of bad habits.

Overnight our skin repairs and regenerates. Waking up and scrubbing the life out it with an abrasive scrub and foaming cleanser will leave it very red, dry and irritated. Seriously, if you are waking up and going at your skin with a grainy scrub no wonder your skin acting up. It’s trying to tell you to STOP!

Kylie herself even uploaded a video just six months ago saying she just uses Kiehls and a clarasonic. Yet, in her Kylie Skin release video she claims to have been using her line for 10 months. Which is to be, Kylie?

Speaking of dermatologists, save the $125 Kylie’s line costs and go see one instead.

5. There is no one size fits all when it comes to skin

Your skin, as annoying as it might be sometimes is completely unique to you. It’s not a one size fits all approach and what needs changes from season to season, and even day to day.

Kylie Skin will not offer you that versatility your skin so desperate needs, especially as the seasons change or you are going through hormonal changes. Infact, there isn’t a skincare line out there that can give you everything from one line alone. That’s like saying you can only use one makeup brand exclusively for the rest of your life.

It’s a delicate mix and match, choosing exactly what your skin needs to keep it clean, balanced, hydrated and protected from the sun. FYI, there is no SPF in Kylie’s range despite the fact she lives in California where it’s an absolute must due to the strength of the sun. Just who advised this line in the first place?

Conclusion: If you really want to try Kylie Skin, go try Kylie Skin. But, I am asking as a genuine question – why do you want it? To be like Kylie, to have her lifestyle? These products will not give you that. Please, do your research and treat your one and only skin with some actual respect.

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