Emma Stone’s stunning Paris Fashion Week appearance overshadowed by cruel pale skin jibes

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It is currently Paris Fashion week. Similar to events held in the likes of London, New York and Milan – designers and celebrities alike gather to showcase the trends we are likely to see filter down into the high street this season.

Whilst you might think of fashion as a creative outlet to express your identity, it would appear this sense of open mindedness was not reflected by those commenting on Emma Stone’s appearance at Louis Vuitton earlier today.

The American actress and model was subject to much criticism from Mail Online readers due to her pale skin, with comments ranging from her being “too pale”, to her bare legs looking “atrocious”, as well as the suggestion she should have had a “spray tan”, before stepping out in front of photographers at the Louvre in Paris.

It’s true that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and such public forums will undoubtedly draw in a mixture of good and bad reaction, no matter what the story.

It is however incredibly disappointing, not to mention offensive to read the colour of a person’s skin being talked about in such a negative light, no matter what spectrum of the shade it may be.

As someone who has been blogging about this topic for seven years now, it frustrates me greatly that any celebrity with pale skin featured on a public forum will most definitely have negative comments relating to the lightness of their skin in the comments section, with many joining in agreeing it is not an attractive look.

It is abundantly clear that more needs to be done to educate commentators and indeed moderators of online platforms that criticism of a person’s skin tone – our own unique genetic tapestry – is not okay.

Beauty comes in a range of shapes, sizes and colours and it is nothing short of a travesty that upon seeing such demure shots of Emma, such hideous comments was the first response from so many.

We can, and must do better. Emma, don’t listen to them – you are beautiful.

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