Narciso Rodriguez For Her (EDT)

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Whilst I hate to admit it the weather is definitely turning more autumnal. This might be bad news for our summer wardrobes, however it’s amazing for updating our fragrance collection. During the warmer months many perfumes can become overbearing especially if they are quite heavy which is something I find tough as I love my perfume, not to mention I work in fragrance when not designing so it’s something I am around alot.

I have had a crush on Narciso’s For Her (black bottle, pink box!) for quite some time now after smelling it in a magazine years ago and deciding I had to have it. Infact, everytime I walked through a department store I’d find the Narciso section and have a spray whilst comparing prices!

I was in the Metro Center at the weekend when I finally managed to pick a bottle up. Previously I’d worn all of the Dior scents which I still love and Alien by Terry Mugler (although annoyingly too many people bought this in my circle after asking me what it was) – so it no longer felt like “my” scent. Therefore I was hesitate to re-purchase for a 3rd winter.

Narsico is along the same lines as Alien but it is much more grown up and refined and less “You can smell me a mile off” which isn’t always a bad thing when you’d paid good money, however change is good too. I think as you move out of your teenage years and into your mid twenties naturally your tastes change anyway.

I picked up the 35ml bottle from the perfume shop for £35 and I just can’t get enough. The notes include lily of the valley and patchouli. The smell is unusual but not woody or overly heady – only lightly so. I would recommend this one for anyone looking for a change this fall.

If you want to know what the perfume girl actually wears herself…. in my case this is it!

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