Lotsa Goodies!

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It’s been a crazy few weeks for me winning products! A couple of weeks ago I won 3 Sunday Riley products at a Caroline Hirons event, which I’m still getting over the shock for! Then came a box of products the other day sent over from my Brother in London after he presented an award and was given these goodies which he then (very kindly!) gave to me. I also made a video about it on my channel however I will also go into a little detail here. I was totally overwhelmed at the amount of stuff I got!

In particular one my favourite items was the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Penelope Pink. I have been really intrigued by Charlotte’s range but the combination of having little money and not living near a counter meant that up to now I have never got to try any of her products so this was a lovely surprise. I also love a nude coloured lipstick for everyday wear or when I am wearing a slightly heavier eye so want something lighter on the lips to balance it out.

I also got the Tom Ford perfume in Black Orchid. Having worked on fragrance counters it was nice to be able to take this out of the box and for it to be mine instead of presenting it to a customer! It has quite an unusual scent but one which screams expensive so you can’t go wrong with that! It’s not my usual scent but it’s definitely grown on me. It’s also not as heavy as it looks from the bottle so is great for everyday wear.

Overall I am so grateful for everything I have received lately and know I’m one lucky girl! I will also be posting a full review of the Sunday Riley products once I have had chance to use them over a few weeks so I can give a good opinion about them, so stay tuned!

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