Pixi Eyeshadow Palette in Buff Blizzard




I have long thought the packaging and colours available within the products at Pixi look so incredibly pretty.  Incase you haven’t heard of Pixi, they are a brand specialising in makeup and skincare founded by Swedish born Petra Strand. Their mission statement is clear “We want to make women look like themselves, only better”.

Recently, Pixi kindly sent me this beautiful eyeshadow palette after an order I made of their infamous glow tonic was delayed by a few weeks. Coincidentally, they happened to send me a product I had been wanting ever since I first saw it on their website before Christmas… their Icy Eye Palette in Buff Blizzard.

I have been using this palette almost on a daily basis since I got it, including to my visit to YouTube in London. What I like about the range of colours, is they are very much everyday yet can be played up or down depending on how you feel. Brown is also notoriously less harsh than black, so acts as a great way to define the eyes without it making them look smaller or being too much for everyday. There is also a great white colour for highlighting the inner corners of the eye and brow brown. Overall, the shades work great in combination with each other and also look polished when black mascara is applied to define the lashes.

As for the pigment quality, I find they do give good pay off. I first like to apply a neutral toned base from my sleek storm palette, as I find that like with most eyeshadows, sandwiching products works best. As they are pressed you can also really pack the product on, yet because the tones are fairly neutral you don’t end up overdoing things. 

I am also impressed that they don’t crease as easily as other “lower end” eyeshadows. When you think about it, as this palette is £12 that means each shadow is technically £2… where as with higher end you are looking at a minimum of £10 per shadow colour. Honestly, the Pixi shadows are of really good quality and last well throughout the day, and best of all are easy to blend.

Just a heads up that the range of Pixi eyeshadows seems to chop and change quite often and I’ve noticed they don’t sell this particular palette on the website anymore, although other vendors seem to sell it. However, they do very similar palettes and are always bringing out new ones. 

Going on from the experience I’ve had with the Buff Blizzard palette, I’m inclined to try more eyeshadows from Pixi. Oh, and in terms of this blog they do work very easy against my very pale skin! 



2 comments on “Pixi Eyeshadow Palette in Buff Blizzard”

  1. Just found your blog by googling random pale foundations and wow, it's so nice to see that I'm not the only one who has problems finding a foundation shade that works. I'm not alone in this hell! ;D


  2. Nope, you're not alone! If you have any ideas of blog posts or issues you'd like me to feature, feel free to leave me some suggestions. I want to help as many people as possible… thanks for reading btw! 🙂


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