White Glo Coffee and Tea Drinker’s Formula

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Today I bring you a slightly different kind of beauty item… yes as you might have guessed it’s toothpaste! In the last few years the teeth whitening phenomenon has gone a little crazy, with many of us now opting to get our nashers professionally whitened or use strips and other home whitening kits. Whitening toothpastes are becoming ever popular, however you may have noticed there are so many to choose from that it can seem a little overwhelming.

For my New Years resolution, I gave up tea and coffee completely. Whilst this has prevented my teeth from further discolouration, I still wanted to ease up some of the damage my 4-6 cups of tea a day for nearly 2 decades had done to my teeth. Although my teeth weren’t super yellow, they were bad enough that it bothered me, y’know?

Before I begin, It should be noted that products that bleach the teeth will whiten the tooth enamel deep down, and whitening toothpastes/mouthwashes etc will only remove surface stains.

I have on occasion used Crest Whitestrips, however these don’t exactly live up to the claims and also the results fade within a few months. In addition to this, you can only use a batch of Whitestips for a maximum of twice a year. Hence, whitening toothpaste is the much safer and convenient way to go for everyday whitening. It’s also a more viable alternative for those who have sensitive teeth and aren’t a great candidate for bleaching.

So it’s White Glo to the rescue! White Glo are a brand not many people have heard of. They don’t advertise on TV with celebrities with porcelain veneers telling you that you can “replicate their smile by using this product”… infact it’s all rather low key. Ironically, out of all the whitening toothpastes I have used over the years including the big guns, White Glo is by far the most impressive brand for how it delivers on actually whitening/stain reduction.

They have several varieties of their whitening toothpastes, with everything from a smokers formula to ones that contain a 2 in 1 mouthwash and toothpaste. However, for me it was the coffee and tea drinkers formula that really interested me.

Most of us dislike the colour of our teeth when they look more yellow that white. The beauty about a toothpaste that is aimed at coffee and tea drinkers, is that it is designed to eradicate these tones especially… hence why it’s so good even if like me you no longer drink tea or coffee, or only have it occasionally.

Honestly, no toothpaste will make your teeth a crisp linen shirt shade of white without bleach. However, I believe this toothpaste really does make a visible difference, especially compared to it’s competitors. I find myself going back to it quite often and even after trying another White Glo toothpaste, I prefer this one. I’ve now been using it over the course of a few months, and feel it is the best whitening toothpaste on the market that I have tried so far.

Definitely give it a try if you are looking to remove some surface stains or want a more gentle alternative than bleaching. It may also save you from shelling out for more costly whitening treatments if your tooth staining is fairly recent or minor.

White Glo Coffee and Tea Drinker’s Formula is currently £3.99 in Boots. It can also be purchased on Amazon if you are not from the UK.

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