Oscar De La Pala’

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There’s no denying that pale skin on the red carpet gives instant sophistication. Whilst there wasn’t any super pale looks seen as recent awards ceremonies, I did noticed a definite steer away from super full on tans. The tans are getting increasingly fairer, almost to look natural and those who are naturally fair are getting ever more confident in showing it. 

Whilst the photography is a little misleading (making her look slightly more tanned than what she is), Cate Blanchett looked truelly effortless in her nude coloured gown. Cate is a great example of a pale/pink undertone, and her skin up close is absolutely flawless, even when wearing no make up.

It was also refreshing to see pale skin paired against deep blue, as demonstrated by Amy Adams. The rest of the look was quite paired back, but again the colour although it was bold – didn’t work against her fair skin, infact allowed it to be contrasted beautifully.

What is refreshing with these ladies, is they are a true example that you can be successful and equally beautiful, whilst remaining true to your natural skin tone. It’s the personality and true elegance that shines through with these ladies, and not the “glow” of the bronzing products, proving that you can rock a red carpet, yes even with pale skin.

And no red carpet look would be complete without make up right?! Above are what I’d pick for an ultra glamorous look. My Oscars invite seemed to have got lost in the post this year, but if I wanted a glam look then these are the types of products I would go for. For my base, I would use Porcelain foundation in Bobbi Brown (one of the palest high end colours available), and the new lancome concealer palette which is ultra pale and mixable (hurray!). I would complete my look with a brown smokey eye, and red Tom Ford Lips.

What looks did you like from this years Oscars, and what make up would you wear for a glamorous event?! Leave me a comment below, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter/instagram @paleskinmakeup 

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