Make Up Colour Theory

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A little while ago, I saw a video posted on into the gloss featuring MUA Robert Jones, discussing colour theory in make up in relation to skin tone. I found it incredibly useful, so thought I would write this post summarising the advice given to those of us with pale skin. 

It’s important to remember that a product can look very different depending on the skin tone. If you really like the look of a product on a model with tanned/darker skin… remember it may not suit you if you have very fair skin, and vice versa. Also, don’t just go for colours that you like as colours, i.e you’d love it as a wall or dress colour – always keep your skin tone in mind and what it can and cannot handle.

Never be afraid to experiment with make up choices, although I feel Robert’s advice could save you money in the long run, and make sure you are getting the most out of the products you buy and they don’t end up unloved and unused!


“It’s not to contour or re-shape your face with, it’s to add life and colour to your face. A great rule of thumb, is if you were to run around the block, you don’t want to use a shade of blush any darker than what you would flush to”.

DO: Go for softer colours such as pinks, peaches and apricot.

DON’T: Try to pull off something that’s too dark for your skin tone.


“Keep a few things in mind. Your lip size – that’s always the most important to me because you never want to wear a shade that’s dark if your lips are thin. A lighter shade will make them look fuller if they are thin. Secondly it is your skin tone – you want to choose something that is very complimentary to your skin tone. If you want to play it safe, you can always choose a shade a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone. That will give you definition without it being too much”.


DO: Although you can wear both, go for warm tones over cool tones, as these will make you look younger and add life to the face.

DON’T: Wear brown toned lipsticks, as these do not suit extremely pale skin tones.

I hope the above advice from Robert helped! If you have any recommendations of products you use, then feel free to leave a comment below!


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