La Roche Posay Effaclar K


Some of you may remember that back in October I picked up a few items whilst in London, including the Origins “Make A Difference Plus” Moisturiser.  Despite being told by the counter assistant this was a “much less heavy/greasy formula than other moisturisers, and will definitely not break my skin out”…. this moisturiser has done nothing but. Infact, my skin has been at it’s worst for quite some time all since I started using this one product. 

Hence I was in need of an actual miracle. I promptly gave up with MADP two weeks ago after finally having enough and scoured the skincare section of Boots for a remedy. I have heard pretty much every beauty blogger mention “La Roche Posay” in their skincare favourites and recommendations, so decided to have a look and see if there was anything that may help.

To be honest the LRP stand in Boots was a little overwhelming as not only is the packaging in French, (GCSE Grade C will only get you so far…) but the titles of all the products sounded more like scientific experiments rather than skincare. I finally went with a moisturiser entitled “La Roche Posay Effaclar K”, which cost  £9.75 for a 30ml tube. The product is boxed, and so this is what it looks like on the shelf…

The product itself comes in a squeezy metal tube, and is a thin white liquid. It has a very faint citrus smell, although is hardly noticeable at all and also smells quite clinical but in a good way. There’s nothing worse that heavily scented skincare, and thankfully Effaclar K doesn’t offend the senses in the slightest.

It is very quick to sink into the skin once applied and evenly distributed. Once it’s absorbed, it does not sit on top of the skin like some moisturisers – instead the skin just feels soft – not wet, greasy or stingy. It also states it can be applied under makeup.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this product, afterall it’s a moisturiser – not a mask, cleanser, facial, toner, exfoliator or anything typically aimed at problem skin. So, I cleansed as normal that night with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, and then applied this afterwards. 

The next morning I had a look in the mirror and had to do a double take. My skin actually looked different, noticably different. No it was not super clear with not a mark in sight – but it had definitely cleared up considerably in just a few hours with just one use! 

I have continued to apply this moisturiser day and night for almost two weeks now, and my skin has completely changed in texture and appearance. I do have a few marks/scars as pale skin shows up imperfections like nothing else it would seem. However, as this product doesn’t state it is for fading marks or scars I feel it’s not fair to mark it down on that. 

What it does claim, is that it gradually exfoliates the skin texture to reduce pores and regain a smooth and clear complexion.” In my opinion, I feel this product absolutely delivers on this promise and I have noticed a huge difference in just a short space of time.

The problem with breakouts and their aftermath, is the effect it has on our confidence. Yes we can cover with foundation and concealer, but really deep down everyone wants beautiful clear skin when they take their make up off too.

Finding products that genuinely make a difference, no matter how big or small has unmeasurable benefits to the way we feel about ourselves and I know how happy this product made me after just a few days, and I can’t wait to keep on using it.

As far as I’m aware, this product isn’t for long term use and is really for when the skin is playing up big time. However, I will be making sure I always have some of this handy in my makeup bag as it’s really surprised me.

I have used so many products in the past in a vain attempt to get better looking skin, and I’ve even cut out certain food groups for months on end. I can honestly say nothing has had such a dramatic impact on my skin than Effaclar K, and I’m really impressed, especially as it hasn’t aggravated my sensitive skin or dried it out.

Inside the box, there is also a leaflet explaining the different La Roche Posay products and when to use them according to your problem or concern. I love this attention to detail, as skincare can be overwhelming, especially when you are looking to fix a problem and have been let down by so many other products in the past.

Of course, everyones skin is different and as I have said before “similar to a mathematical formula”, therefore finding what works for you is often a personal and unique thing so this should be something you bear in mind. Interestingly, this moisturiser states it’s for oily skin (there wasn’t another option for my skin type) as mine is actually dry/sensitive. I was worried this could cause me problems but it genuinely hasn’t, so don’t be put off if like me, your skin isn’t oily. 

Overall, I feel this product definitely is worthy of “Holy Grail” status – something I was saying after just a weeks worth of use. I’ve had barely any more problems since using this moisturiser, and my skin continues to get better and better with each use.

For £9.75, you can do alot worse, believe me! 

Effaclar is available in Boots stores as well as online 


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