Nailin’ It

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Autumn is the time not just to pull out the knitwear, but also the deeper nail shades too. Whilst I have reviewed a couple of the polishes pictured above before on my blog, I think this is the best time of the year to really showcase them. 

Pastels are also a growing trend for nails (and indeed coats!)… although I am yet to venture into this myself. The colours everyone seem to be raving about, are pastel blue and pinks. 

For now, I am playing it safe with my chocolately, purplely and general all round “autumny” shades.  The great thing about these shades though, is because they are not super dark and actually have a bit of warmth in them, this means they are fairly wearable on pale skin. 

A great way to test if a nail colour is suitable for your skintone, is to hold the bottle against your hand or arm in the shop (providing the lighting is fairly natural). If you feel the colour washes you out, simply go for one shade lighter and see how you get on. Remember, the darker the shade… the more difficult it is to pull off (not that it can’t be done!)

Let me know in the comments section or on twitter @paleskinmakeup if you have any nail colour suggestions for me this season!

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