Mail Online Bashes Christina Hendricks’ Pale Skin

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In just one day, the Daily Mail published two separate articles whereby pale skin was discussed in a derogatory manner. One on Christina Hendricks, and the other on Daniel Radcliffe.

I felt I had to respond to this on my blog, as this is a place whereby pale skin is celebrated. As I have said before, whether a person chooses to tan or not… this is fine and totally up to the individual. My issue has never been about the choice of whether to tan or not – rather those who choose to embrace their pale skin being made to feel self concious about it, through the media, society and peers. Not to mention within cosmetic companies, who don’t make shades light enough for those with fair skin.

I find it disgraceful that the media and people in general, would face prosecution to label a person with any darkness in their skin in an derrogatory manner, however to comment on the lightness of a person’s skin is perceived as being fine and almost comedic. It really should be an even playing field, especially if people are brave enough not to be a sheep when it comes to fake tan – and actually embrace the skin tone they were born in – regardless of the tone it happens to be.

Even the Butcher’s choice advert (a brand of dog food over here in the UK) labels the farmer as “Mean and Pasty”…. Pasty being a well known term for pale skin. Such labels along with “Milkbottle”, “Ghost”, “Casper’s Cousin” etc, are commonplace within society.

Back to the Christina Hendricks article, and honestly I find it sad that out of all her accomplishments and even the hype surrounding the event she was attending…. ALL Jason Chester could possibly comment on, was the lightness of her skin. I’m not exactly clued up on Christina’s entire CV… but knowing she is an accomplished actress, savvy dresser and well.. ultimately quite successful, why is her skin tone the only thing you can talk about as a national newspaper?! 

In my view creating a whole article on someones skin tone, is as bad as discussing someones weight. The media need to realise that using body issues – whatever that might entail –  to sell stories, can only have a negative effect, particularly on the impressionable. Whether someone has gained a few pounds, or has had a bad hair day, or maybe looked tired when the paparazzi shoved cameras in their face as they were leaving their hotel… why is this really any of our business, and what good does it actually do bringing it to our attention?

We are human, we are all different. We have good days, bad days… bad skin days…. bad hair days… amazing skin and hair days (if we are lucky). Sometimes we look tired or frustrated, have frown lines, spill coffee down our top….. essentially we are not perfect. Some of us also wish to rock pale skin too. This is why we should care when someone, whether it be the media or even in the street, makes fun of you or someone else for having pale skin, because what harm is pale skin actually doing to you, and why should anyone feel the need to change the way they look?

Interestly, the article then features pictures other stars that attended the event, such as Jennifer Garner and Solange Knowles. Now, where was the part in the article that bashed these stars for the colour of their skin? Oh wait, no that would be wrong and the newspaper could even be shut down for it because it would be racist. So why single out the pale skinned attendee? 

Perhaps the only saving grace of this article, is the comments section of which, the most popular comments all point out just how offensive the content of the article is to those with pale skin, as well as some who called her look “stunning”. Unfortunately for those reading this article and many like it, it is the content written within it, is what packs the most punch, and gets across to the most amount of people. 

As much as my blog is primarily make-up reviewing, I do intend to highlight issues that bother me when they arise. I am proud of my pale Irish skintone, that I have inherited from my Dad’s side of the family. I don’t feel a need to cover this with tanning lotion, but at the same time what I REALLY don’t feel the need for – is negative articles, language and general opinion in relation to mine or anybody elses skin tone, whether light or dark, red, purple or Simpson’s yellow. 

Sure, The Daily Mail is often known as “The Daily Hate”, however it is not the only publication or indeed person – who gain satisfaction from making others feel self conscious, simply for having fair skin. This is why I felt it was important to bring this to your attention, because we cannot let this continue – it must be stamped out.

Beauty is not simply for those who wish to tan, nor is fashion, clothing or make up. We all need to embrace each others differences, not spread hate or negativity. 

1 comments on “Mail Online Bashes Christina Hendricks’ Pale Skin”

  1. I couldn't agree more with this post! This is something I have a real bug bear about. As I'm English/Irish and like you, too have very pale skin, some people always find that it's ok to point out that you're “looking pasty”, “need a bit of colour”, or even “how can you be ok being so pale?” (!) Because of such comments and because it *seems* a tan is so coveted, especially during the summer months, I used to have a problem with the colour of skin. A few dodgy gradual tanning faux paxs and a lot of covering up later, I'm now very proud of having very pale skin. I mean, what is there to be ashamed about!?

    I realise this has turned in to a little rant but yup, this is frustrating! The media is influential and should step back every now and then to consider the unnecessary hate they're spewing out.

    Lovely blog by the way! 🙂

    Danielle x


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