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Finding a pure white foundation is not an easy task. Sure, there is Mac Face & Body.. but at nearly £30, it’s a costly purchase. Changing those decimals around a little, Stargazers liquid foundation in the shade “White” totals just £3.50.

There are several uses for a pure white foundation. Some of you hardcore palies out there, may wish to use this on it’s own as an everyday foundation, or for stage and theatre purposes… even for halloween or Geisha looks. Alternatively, you may require a white foundation to mix with other foundations if they are too dark for you and so need lightening.

Whatever your need for a white foundation, be warned that they are not easily available in shops or online. Barely a handful of brands do a white shade of foundation, so for me Stargazer was a good place to start as I found it to be one of the cheapest brands that do stock a white shade.

Now whilst the colour may be fantastic, I was a little disappointed by how smooth the application is when the product is applied to the face. As for my hand, you can see I was able to smooth it over nicely. However, if using a foundation brush you may struggle with brushmarks, as the product tends to set quite quickly, meaning there is no room for going over areas and smoothing things out. Having said that, my skin is quite dry and the foundation does not state what skin type the product would best suit. I think perhaps oilier skins may have a better time with this than dry.

The other issue to remember with a white foundation, is that unless you find a white concealer (I have never been able to find one myself), then well…. concealing is going to be an issue. If you have any major skin concerns, be warned that you may not be able to cover them all that well. Although, the foundation is quite thick in texture so with the right application you can make it quite dense on the skin.

All in all, this is not a bad place to start if you are really wanting a pure white foundation. It’s not the best quality foundation I have ever tried, however for £3.50 I guess you could say well what did you expect? Even if it’s not the best, I applaud Stargazer for boldly going where alot of make-up companies would never dare to go, in catering for extremely pale skin.

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