Snap, Crackle and Pop?!

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Gone are the days of only having one possible finish with nail polishes. The crackled nail effect has been around for a little while now, and perhaps one of the most noted brands that have done this is OPI. I was lucky enough to receive their Gold Shatter nail polish as part of the Elle goodie bag from the Clothes Show, for which I paid £2 for and got around £30 worth of products essentially for free. Not to mention a tonne of Elle Magazines! To buy this normally however, it would set you back £11 plus postage if like me, you don’t live near an OPI stocklist.


I first applied my trusty collection 2000 basecoat, followed by 2 coats of a black Barry M nail polish. I should say that normally I would never wear a black nail polish on it’s own against my pale skin, as I find it incredibly draining. However, given I was pairing it with a gold polish, I felt black would be the best option as not that many colours would work with such a bold top coat.

After letting my black nails set for a good 20 minutes so that they were touch-dry, I applied the gold overlay. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and was fascinated to see the polish literally break away from it’s itself infront of my eyes. However, I noticed some nails struggled to separate and had started to dry with just one split down the middle, so I had to push some of the polish away myself in order for it to give the crackle effect. This was a little disappointing, as on my thumb in particular… it had really worked well, yet a couple of my nails had hardly moved so the results were a little uneven.

Overall, I am not sure whether I like this product or not. It’s not what I would typically go for within a nail polish look, however it’s always fun to try new things and different effects. I think it’s definitely down to personal taste whether this look is for you or not. As for the price point, £11 is quite steep however I think you can definitely tell within the quality of the brush and the way the bottle is designed also, it feels more luxe that my regular high street bottles that’s for sure! This is definately a product for those who like to mix things up.

Interested in buying this polish? You can find it here

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