Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight

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I often keep a keen eye on the beauty section on the Selfridges website. Of course, it’s more of a dream like shop for me as there’s no way I’d be able to afford half the stuff on there… but well, a girl can dream. A couple of weeks back I came across the limited edition “Desert Twilight” collection from Bobbi Brown. The eye palettes looked absolutely sumptuous, but so did the nail polishes too. The shade I really took a liking too, was the one named “Twilight” which is a rich browny/purpley/metallic/shimmery kind of tone.

I noticed that this shade quickly vanished from the online store in Selfridges, and although it can still be purchased from other selected retailers… if it’s run out in Selfridges then it isn’t going to be around for long! So, imagine my delight when I found one bottle of this on ebay, and ended up winning it for £6! At £11 plus p&p anywhere else, it had at first seemed a little steep… so I was amazed to get it so cheap, brand new and still boxed.

I tried this polish on last night, with a collection 2000 base coat as the previous polish I had on my nails had made them a little dry and beat up. This was the first time I have tried a high-end polish and I really did notice a difference in application.. it went on really thick and distributed well, needing just one coat.

The interesting thing about this polish, is it can seem a different colour and finish, depending on what light you are in. In the picture, the colour seems a little flat and more muted than it does in the bottle. But, put it under any light and you get a much more chocolately shade come through, with a subtle hint of sophisticated glitter.

All in all, I really am glad I bought this nail polish as I don’t have any colours similar to this in the 20 odd polishes I own. It would be a total 5 stars if it shined a little more in normal light, but you can’t have everything! I definitely recommend looking up the Desert Twilight Collection… before it all sells out!

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